NON-NIDA? NIDA? What is the difference?


I remember when I first started working at Valley Occupational Medical Center, the difference between NIDA and NON-NIDA was perplexing to me. I could not seem to fully grasp the difference until it started to sink in with time and after asking many questions. Now, I feel comfortable talking about it to the point that I decided to write this article!

First off, there are four different specimens to test for drugs: hair, nails, urine and blood sample. Depending on how much the employer wants to know about past drug usage, it will select the appropriate type of specimen that it wants to collect.

Now, the easiest way to remember and differentiate between NIDA and NON-NIDA may be in terms of employment. If you are seeking a job with specific safety sensitive regulations then you will be asked to take a NIDA drug screening. This test is mandated by the federal government and it is often referred to as NIDA- 5 panel. The drugs that NIDA tests for are cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine.

Stay tuned tomorrow to read more about the NON-NIDA drug Screen!

*If you are interested in taking any of these drug screenings or you have a business that wants to start implementing drug screenings, then give us a call!


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