Flu Vaccine 2013: What kinds of flu shots are available this season???!!?

There are different types of vaccines available this year. Depending on limited supply, there might be some type that might not be available. Doctors recommend getting the vaccine that is available to them. Below is a list of flu shots that will be available for the upcoming flu season:

ImageTrivalent Shot: This shot contains the most common flu strains: two varieties of Type A virus and one variety of Type B virus. This shot is considered the standard flu shot that has been available to protect against these three strains of the flu virus. This shot can be used for anyone ages 6 months and up.

Quadrivalent Shot: This is the new flu shot this year. In addition to the two varieties of Type A virus and one variety of Type B virus, this shot offers a second variety of Type B virus. Since children are vulnerable to Type B strains, this offers great protection for children against the flu this season.child getting the flu vaccine

Nasal Spray: This type of flu vaccine is called FluMist and it is popular among children. This year, it has been updated to take the form of the quadrivalent shot. Although the nasal spray seems to be convenient for everyone, it should not be used for pregnant women. This is due to the reason that the spray contains weak, alive virus cells.

Fluzone High-Dose Vaccine: Aimed for older people, it is a trivalent shot that aims to provide a boost to their immune system response along with offering protection.

Fluzone Intradermal Vaccine: This vaccine utilizes a microneedle that injects the vaccine into the skin instead of the muscle. This vaccine is perfect for the individuals that fear needles.

Recombinant influence Vaccine: For the first time ever, this vaccine called FluBlok, was made without eggs and it is ideal for individuals with serious egg allergies. This vaccine can be administered to individuals of ages 18 to 49.

egg free vaccine

If you need the flu vaccine, call us, Valley Occupational Medical Center! Flu Shots are available upon request.

Reference: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323864604579064981020747554.html


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