Eat Grapes and Blueberries to give your immune system a boost!


Now that we are approaching flu season, as mentioned before, getting the flu shot is imperative. Furthermore, practicing good hygiene habits as washing hands can stop the spread of germs. But what can we do to further help our immune system? Well, eating the right kind of fruits has proven to give our body a boost to our immune system.


Red Grapes and blueberries have a component called stilbenoids, which working alongside Vitamin D, can significantly boost your immune system. One of the most interesting components of stilbenoids is that they are produced by plants to fight infection. When partnered up with Vitamin D, it can change the signaling pathways utilized by Vitamin D. Research has shown that stilbenoids and Vitamin D have a significant boost to one’s immune system.

In grapes, the name of the stilbenoid is resveratrol which has been shown through research as having properties that fight cancer and dealing with inflammation. In blueberries, the stilbenoid is pterostilbene. In a study done by the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research journal, they examined 446 components in response to the immune system. According to Dr. Adrian Gombart, the stilbenoids of red grapes and blueberries were the most prominent in boosting the immune system with partnership with Vitamin D.

ImageSo, what are you waiting for?? Go to your local grocery and buy yourself some red grapes and blueberries to keep your immune system potent!!!!



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