Can Vitamin B help prevent a stroke?


A new study shows that Vitamin B can reduce the risk of a stroke.  Vitamin B has had conflicting research findings before because in one study, it shows that Vitamin B helps protects against a heart attack and stroke.  Yet, in another study, it showed that Vitamin B increased the risks of these conditions. On another note, Vitamin B3 has shown to help the recovery process in patients that had suffered a stroke.

In the recent study done at Zhengzhou University in China, there were 14 clinical trials that involved 55,000 subjects. In this study, the researchers found that Vitamin B lowered the risk of a stroke by 7%. When examining the effect of Vitamin B on a heart attack, they did not find evidence showing that Vitamin B lowered the risk of this condition.

Interestingly, the researchers were able to also determine that if Vitamin B is combined with Folic Acid, Vitamin B9, it loses its potency.

As always, before taking any supplements, please consult your doctor first. 



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