Occupational Medicine Leaders discuss Opioids and Pain Management at WOEMA

The 57th annual western health conference was hosted by Western Occupational and Environmental Medicine Association during September 25-28. Robert Goldberg, MD, leader in occupational medicine, led a panel discussion on opioids and pain management. In this discussion, he spoke about the size of opioid epidemic by focusing on the appropriate administration and monitoring of opioid drug therapy. This is essential because it will achieve meaningful improvement in minimizing risks for the injured worker.


occupational medicine picture

The evidence was based on screening patients for opioid dependency risks, monitoring methods, and therapy evaluation criteria and guidance to discontinue opioid therapy. The importance of this panel discussion is the fact that opioid dependency arising from improper use of this drug can help doctors and medical professionals make more mindful decisions in controlling the prescription of opioids and designs methods to stop opioid therapy when not essential to the patient’s well-being.


As Dr. Robert Goldberg discusses, “The stakes are high for everyone when injured workers suffer painful injuries. Physicians can begin to create a better future for injured workers by practicing evidence-based medicine.” Upon knowing all this evidence-based information, doctors and medical professionals can be better prepared and cognizant of the opioid epidemic.




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