CDC Recommends Early Vaccinations

Medspring Urgent Care, a Texas and Illinois healthcare center, said that the Disease Control and Prevention center recommended individuals ages six months and above to get their flu vaccination. CDC stated that last year, the flu season was one of the worst in decades. People that went to hospitals throughout Texas were being overturned. sick child

Chief Medical Officer, Jon Belsher, said that last year’s flu season reminds everyone of how serious the influenza virus can be. The seriousness of the flu virus can be attributed to the fact that it is easily contagious. If someone at work or school has the flu virus, it is easy for the flu virus to be transmitted from one person to another. Due to the ease of contracting the flu virus, the flu vaccine becomes imperative to avoid getting the flu.

Since the flu vaccine is already around the corner, individuals are urged to get the flu shot. It takes about two weeks for the body to create antibodies for the flu virus after they get the flu vaccine. Therefore, the quicker you get vaccinated, the quicker you will develop flu virus antibodies.

The most important aspect of the flu vaccine is how affordable and convenient it has become. Here, at Valley Occupational Medical Center, we are still offering the flu vaccine after a strong demand in the last couple of weeks. Our prices are affordable and we take walk-ins. Therefore, do not hesitate to come on in and get your flu shot! Give us a call at 818-361-3369.





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