The Flu Shot May Cut the risk of a Heart Attack



The flu shot may cut the risk of having a heart attack or stroke by 50% for individuals that have had a heart attack. According to Jacob Udell, a cardiologist at Women’s College Hospital, the flu vaccine may also be a vaccine against heart attacks.

The first theory that may explain this is the “Vulnerable Plaque Theory.” This theory explains that the inflammation caused by the flu may turn a stable plaque into an unstable plaque which may cause a cardiac event. A plaque is a buildup of fatty substances such as cholesterol, calcium, and fibrin.

The second theory that could be a possibility to explaining why the flu vaccine might prevent a heart attack is the “Vulnerable Patient Theory.” According to this theory, the side effects of the flu such as coughing, low oxygen, low blood pressure, fast heart rate, and possible pneumonia, may put a strain on the heart and cause a cardiac arrest.

Either theory provides valid, legitimate reasons to why the flu vaccine would be imperative to get. Therefore, if you have gotten a heart attack, you should consider getting the flu vaccine. Here, at Valley Occupational Medical Center, we are offering flu shots for the rest of the season.  So come on in or call for more questions!


This is not intended to offer any medical advice. If you have any further questions, please consult your healthcare professional!


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