New York City Board of Health Approves Flu Shot Mandate

child getting the flu vaccine

The City Board of Health in New York City came to a unanimous decision to approve a Bloomberg measure that requires children to get the flu shot if they attend city-licensed preschools and day-care centers.

The initiative applies to children six months to 59 months of age, which is closer to five years old. This initiative would go in effect in 2014. According to a spokeswoman of the City Department of Health in New York City, the children will be required to get the flu shot by December 31st every year.

Parents can have an option to decline the vaccine for medical or religious reasons.  This proposal can be hurt by a bill in the state legislature that would give parents the opportunity to opt out. Senator Martin Malave Dilan, a Brooklyn Democrat, wants to propose legislation for parents to opt out for “philosophical objections.”

Some residents of the area are outraged because they want the right to refuse the vaccine without necessarily having legislation if they do not believe in the health benefits of the flu vaccine.



Valley Occupational Medical Center


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