What is Morphine?

Morphine is used by patients for moderate to severe pain. Morphine is an opiate (narcotic) analgesic and it alters the way the brain and the nervous system respond to pain. One of the forms of morphine is tablet and solution which is taken every four hours as needed. For patients that need around the clock relief, there are controlled-or-extended release tablets and controlled-or-sustained released capsules.

Another form that morphine can be found as is morphine sulfate injection, which is added to a IV fluid that drips through a needle or catheter or it can be injected to a large muscle. According to the National Institutes of Health, morphine overdose can have serious consequences such as breathing problems, loss of consciousness, sleepiness, slow heartburn, blurred vision, nausea or fainting.

One of the dangers of morphine is how it can become habit-forming.



Valley Occupational Medical Center


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