Eye Injury- Chemical burns

The first thing that you should do is immediately flush the eye with cool water. This has to be done quickly to reduce eye damage. You can fill the sink or dishpan with water and put your face in the water. Opening and closing the eye will help push water all over the eye. Another alternative would be flushing the eye under a running faucet or shower during the process. You might need to open and close your eyelids with your fingers. When you are flushing your eye with water, make sure you move your eye in different directions so that every part of your eye gets rinsed.eye picture

When dealing with a burn to the eye, call the poison control center for more information. When calling, make sure you have the container that caused the burn so you can read the label contents to the poison control center.

Furthermore, you should keep flushing the eye for 30 minutes or until it stop hurting. When flushing, you should pull the lower and upper eyelid forward to make sure every substance is rinsed away. If severe pain persists, just continue flushing and call 911 or other emergency services.

After flushing the eye, you should wear dark glasses and not put any pressure on the eye. In addition, closing the eye may reduce pain.



Valley Occupational Medical Center


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