Current Flu Situation

The H1N1 virus that emerged in 2009 is present is active again this year. The Center for Disease and Control (CDC) reports that there are high rates of hospitalizations and deaths in people from ages 18-64 years old.  More deaths have occurred in the age group of 25-64 which is a pattern similar to the one in the 2009 pandemic.

Although the H1N1 has circulated since 2009, it is the first season where H1N1 has circulated widely within the United States. The flu vaccine is the best protection an individual can have against the flu this season. The flu vaccine reduces the chance of seeing a doctor by 60%. In the case that you get vaccinated and you still get the flu, a doctor may be able to provide antiviral drugs to help treat the flu.

Human Case of H5N1 Confirmed in Canadaflu vaccines

Canadian health officials confirmed a fatal case of human infection with avian influenza A (H5N1). The patient had recently visited Beijing, China were H5N1 is present among poultry.

Currently, the threat of H5N1 is low only because one isolated case was found. The only risk of this virus is if it is able to be transmitted from person to person. There are not indicators that occurred.

The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention is working with Canadian Public health partners to monitor the situation.


Here, at Valley Occupational Medical Center, we are offering the flu shots. Please call us to get yours today!

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